High-Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Is One of Many Commercial Plumbing Services You Can Get From Roto Rooter High Desert in Victorville

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Anyone who has worked with plumbing at all knows that commercial plumbing services are often much different than residential work.  That’s one of the many reasons we always advise businesses to contact us at Roto Rooter High Desert in Victorville, CA.  We are one of the few plumbers in the desert region who can offer reliable commercial plumbing services.

Much of this revolves around having the right tools for the job.  Water jet cleaning is an excellent example of this.  It’s rarely used in residential work, but can be absolutely invaluable for commercial plumbing problems – particularly if it’s a sewer line that’s clogged.

What Is High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning?

It’s basically what it sounds like.  Rather than accessing the pipe directly, or using physical implements like “snakes” to clean out a fully- or partially-clogged pipe, we instead use extremely high-pressure water to clear the clog.  Just about any clog will break up if there’s enough pressure put on it.

Why Is Water Jet Cleaning Mostly Used For Commercial Plumbing Services?

The big reason is the size of the pipes.  Smaller residential pipes are often too thin and weak to stand up to the pressure – the water jet could burst the pipes as it’s breaking up the clog.  On the other hand, commercial and industrial pipes are generally both larger and thicker, since they have to carry a larger load of water.  That lets them stand up to the water jet process without harm.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Jet Cleaning To Businesses?

Besides simply being an effective technique for cleaning larger pipes, it has a couple other benefits as well.

First, it doesn’t require physical access to the pipe at the site of the clog.  Water jetting works as long as we have access to the pipe somewhere along the line.  So, that means no digging into your walls or lawn to get at the clog.

Also, it’s extremely environmentally-friendly.  It is, after all, literally just water.  This can make it attractive to businesses which are trying to maintain “green” status, or simply don’t want to use caustic chemicals that could get into the water supply.

Roto Rooter High Desert Brings Top Quality Commercial Plumbing Services to Victorville

If you own or manage a business, don’t gamble on independent plumbers.  Contact the real Victorville-area experts, Roto Rooter High Desert, to schedule an appointment.



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