How You Know It’s Time fora Roto Rooter Septic Pumping In Hesperia, CA

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Owning a property with its own septic tank might mean that you don’t have to pay sewer fees, but it does come with its own burden – you are going to need to periodically have the tank drained.  While septic systems are minor marvels of bio-engineering, they aren’t perfect systems and you’re eventually going to put more material into the tank than the bacteria in it can dispose of.

That’s when it’s time to call in the Roto Rooter septic pumping experts in Hesperia, CA, to drain the tank and reset your septic system.  But how do you know when that time comes?  Here are some tips.

 Knowing When You Need a Roto Rooter Septic Pumping

1 – It’s been 3-4 years since the last pumping.

It is always better to have your septic tank pumped before it starts causing problems from being over-filled.  At maximum, a septic tank might go 5 years before it needs draining.  So, once you get to 3-4 years since the last pumping, it’s best to just call in the experts before anything actually goes wrong.

2 – Fixtures in your house won’t drain, or drain slowly.

The most common sign that a septic tank is full is that most\all of the fixtures in your house won’t drain properly.  That means your wastewater is remaining in your pipes, and possibly festering, for a long time.  In worst-case situations, the water might start backing up into drains and causing serious sanitation problems.

3 – Bad odors above your lawn.

Normally, the water which naturally drains out of your septic tank is sanitary and odorless.  However, if the tank is so full that unprocessed materials are leaking out, it can create sewer-like conditions on your lawn.  If you smell something foul but can’t find the source, your septic tank may be the culprit.

4 –Standing water on the lawn, without a clear source.

The other common exterior sign of an overflowing septic tank is pools of water, or marshy areas, on your lawn despite not having any rain lately.  Again, this means that wastewater is leaving the tank before its ready, and it’s creating unsanitary conditions.

Get Expert Roto Rooter Septic Pumping Service!

Roto Rooter High Desert is the #1 choice around Hesperia, CA, for septic system installations, maintenance, and draining.  If it’s time for septic service, contact us today to schedule an appointment! 





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