Plumbing during Drought Conditions in Hesperia, CA

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Just because the news is saying that the Northern California drought is over, that doesn’t mean we’re totally out of the woods yet. A lot of areas still have far less water in reservoirs than we’d like, and there’s no guarantee rainfall will continue to be high enough to refill them.

Plumbing experts agree that there’s still a significant need for Californians to be water-aware and look towards plumbing solutions which limit their water usage.

Here are some ideas.

Plumbing Experts Offer Tips on Plumbing in Drought Conditions

1. Install “Low-Flow” Fixtures

There’s probably no single thing a residence or business could do to more drastically cut its water use than switch from old-style faucets, showers, and toilets to modern low-flow versions.  The technology behind them has become advanced enough that there’s little to no difference in how they feel to use, but they’ll consume far less water.  You can still take showers with high water pressure, even while they’re pumping less water out!

Plus, this is an investment which can pay for itself in a matter of months, considering you’ll see lower water bills as a result.

2. Upgrade Your Water Heater

This is a pricier upgrade, but one which will also pay off with reduced water usage and bills. Modern water heaters are much more water-efficient than those from just a decade or two ago.  Many are so efficient they don’t even require holding large amounts of water in a tank, and simply heat the water as it flows past. Plus, they’ll be less prone to leaks and other problems than an older water heater.

At the least, think about it the next time your water heater gives you trouble. It’ll pay off in the long run.

3. Create A Native-Plant Lawn and Forget About Watering

Trying to maintain a grass lawn in the desert requires a lot of water, and probably a dedicated sprinkler system just to manage it.  But is having grass on your lawn really worth it?  The desert is full of beautiful plants which can make for gorgeous landscaping even without grass being involved – and most of them require little or no extra water. Ditching your sprinklers could save a lot of water!

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