Saving Your Outdoor Plumbing from Emergency Plumbing Problems in Hesperia, CA

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Emergency plumbing problems in Hesperia, CA, can occur both indoors and outdoors and each have their own unique issues.  When talking about outdoor plumbing issues, the complicating factor there is how easy it is for people to overlook them.

For example, if there’s a leak inside your house, you’ll probably notice it quickly.  However, an external leak can easily go weeks or even months without being detected – potentially causing a lot of wasted water and damage over time!

So while we’re here at Roto Rooter High Desert to solve any emergency plumbing problems that come up, we’d still like to help you prevent them whenever possible!

Three Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Plumbing from Emergencies

1. Check your outdoor fixtures once a week.

If more people would do a quick walk around of their home once a week, it would save them so much trouble.  Just go around checking each faucet to ensure that A) it flows properly when you turn then valve, and B) it is not leaking or dripping.  Most of the time, you can do this check in only a few minutes, and it’ll ensure you know quickly if there are any issues.

Remember:  A leaky outdoor faucet is dripping water straight into your foundation.  Left alone long enough, this could cause significant damage.

2. Properly maintain your hoses.

Outdoor hoses can be another source of problems.  For one thing, they can prevent you from noticing leaks, if that leak is going out through the hose.  Not to mention that if they’re left attached to outside spigots for long enough; they can become corroded and stuck in place – which makes it likely the faucet will get damaged removing them.

So always properly pick up and store hoses when they aren’t in use, to prevent unnecessary problems.

3. Periodically check your roof drains and gutters.

Just because we’re in the desert, that doesn’t mean your gutters can’t get clogged up with debris.  If they are, that means the next rainstorm could send all that water flowing places it shouldn’t – like into your house, or under the foundation.

About once per season, climb up on the roof – carefully! – And check your roof drainage.  Clear out any debris that’s accumulated in the gutters and drains.

Roto Rooter High Desert Is Here When You Need Us!

We’re on-call for emergency plumbing 24/7/365.  Just contact us whenever you need help!

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