Service Your Septic Tank Regularly For Healthier Living in Hesperia, CA!

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If you’re living in the Hesperia, CA, area there’s a very high chance you have a septic tank. They’re a necessity for living in an area without central sewer systems, but that also means knowing when it’s time to call in septic plumbing services.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a septic tank which is full or damaged can be a legitimate health threat to your family, pets, and anyone else nearby. If your septic system is showing signs of trouble, don’t wait! Get it serviced ASAP.

Four Signs You Need Septic Plumbing Services In Hesperia 

1. Toilets won’t flush or flush slowly.

For many, this is the most common sign that their septic tank is full or near to it – their toilets start acting up across the entire house, all at once. There’s really no reason this would happen except a septic tank issue, so it needs to be checked out.

2. Greywater backing up into showers, washing machines, floor drains, etc.

Another major warning sign is if the wastewater from your home isn’t actually leaving your home. In particular, you could see backups happen when running other appliances – like a clothes washer causing the bathtub to start filling up. Again, this means the septic system is full or clogged or needs immediate attention.

3. Foul smells from your drains or lawn.

Obviously, waste water from the septic tank is usually pretty smelly.  If it’s escaping the tank, you’ll usually be able to smell it. So when there’s a “septic” smell with no obvious cause, it’s almost certainly coming from a full septic tank.

4. Standing water or swampy\muddy areas on your lawn.

If your septic tank is full and the septic water isn’t going into your home, then it’s going onto your grounds instead.  Depending on your lawn situation, this could show up as dirty-looking puddles, swampy patches, or muddy areas if you don’t have a grass lawn. This could also occur if there’s a problem with your drainage field being blocked or disrupted. Either way, it’s another sign you need septic plumbing services.

 Roto Rooter High Desert Is Hesperia’s Local Septic Experts

Septic systems are our specialty here at Roto Rooter High Desert! Whether it’s a small single-household tank or one covering an entire business, we have the expertise to maintain it properly and promptly.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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