Water Saving Plumbing Habits Straight From Expert Plumbers in Victorville, CA

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Even in the best of times, water conservation in the desert around Victorville, CA, is a vital issue. However, with much of the area still experiencing the drought-like conditions, saving water is even more important than usual.

The expert plumbers here at Roto Rooter High Desert in Victorville want to do our part to help reduce unnecessary water usage in the area.  We’ve got a few easy tips for households looking to use less water – and they’ll save money on your water bills too!

Five Water-Saving Tips from Expert Plumbers at Roto Rooter

1.  Keep a large bucket near the shower.

There’s no reason to waste all that water while you’re waiting for the hot water to kick in. Put a bucket under your bath faucet to catch it, and then find other uses for that water such as watering your household plants or cleaning your floors.

(On a related note, left over pasta water is also great for watering plants.  Just wait until it cools!)

2. Turn off the tap except when it’s truly needed.

Did you know the average sink faucet pumps out a gallon of water roughly every 25 seconds? You can reduce your water usage by many gallons every day just by shutting off the faucet during activities like teeth-brushing and hand-washing.  Only turn it on when you really need it.

3. Only run full washer loads.

Whether talking clothes or dishes, automatic washers use a LOT of water – and a lot of that is wasted if you’ve only doing a half-load.  Whenever possible, wait until you have enough cleaning to do a full load in the washer.

4.  Track your water bills.

Set up a spreadsheet -or just use a notebook- tracking your monthly water usage. You’ll naturally see some fluctuation over the course of the year -particularly in the summer- but it still makes it easier to spot when water usage goes up without a clear cause. This can often tip you off to hidden leaks or other plumbing problems.

5. H3: Keep your showers short.

Older, non-low flow shower heads pump out around five gallons per minute. That’s a lot of water going straight down the drain!  Limit your shower time or, better yet, consider installing low-flow heads.

H2: Get Expert Plumbers in the High Desert

Roto Rooter High Desert is here to help.  Just contact us to schedule an appointment!

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