Ways to Save Your House from a Leak in Victorville, CA

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One thing that most 24 hour plumbers in Victorville will tell you is that many of the jobs they handle were preventable. Too often, people either overlook or ignore relatively minor leaks around their home until they suddenly turn into big problems.

Just like going to the doctor, prevention really is the best medicine. Spotting and dealing with leaks early will do a lot to prevent plumbing emergencies and costly late-night calls from 24 hour plumbers.

Five Easy Ways to Check for Leaks around Your House

1. Toilets

Often, if the main line in your toilet is leaking, you’ll be able to simply hear it by taking the top off the tank.  However, if you suspect a leak, there’s an easy way to check. When the tank is totally full, put in a few drops of food coloring.  If there’s a leak, you’ll get colored water in the bowl too.

2. Check under the Sinks

Remember, not all sink leaks happen in the sink basin itself! Occasionally take a good look into the cabinets beneath your sinks for signs of leaks or water damage. In particular, if there’s visible moisture, that’s almost always a sign of a leak nearby.

3.  Periodically Walk Around Your Outdoor Fixtures

About once a week, do a walk around your home checking all your outdoor faucets, spigots, and any other plumbing. Just quickly turn them on and off to ensure the water is flowing, and shuts off properly. You could prevent a lot of foundation damage by catching an outdoor leak early.

And while you’re out there…

4. Look for “Suspicious” Areas of Green Grass

We all know the grass is greener above the septic tank, but watch out for any other areas with unusually green grass.  This could indicate a leak in your main line pipe or any other underground pipes such as a sprinkler system or pipes to a swimming pool.

5. Don’t Forget Your Water Heater

Finally, make a point to check on your water heater from time to time. Since it’s an appliance which many people don’t think about, it can easily develop leaks which go unnoticed for a long time. You could hear a hissing sound, or just see water on the ground.

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