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By following the trusted guidance of a plumbing professional, you can safeguard your home plumbing infrastructure and save yourself a significant amount of time and money. Our team at Roto-Rooter has helped hundreds of local clients with drain-clogging issues. In this new post, we’ll help you identify the items that should be kept out of your sink drain to protect your plumbing system.

Motor oil

Motor oil can be found in the garage of nearly every household garage. You may be tempted to dump leaking containers down the drain, but automotive chemicals can cause blockages and backups within your water supply, even going so far as to contaminate your local waterways.

Toxic cleaners

Cleaners used to clean bathroom and kitchen floors are often poured down drains when the homeowner no longer has use for them. But pouring them down the drain can cause problems with your piping structure and may lead to contamination of your local water supply, so avoid it at all costs.


Medicines often contain by-products that, when broken down into their constituent parts, can be hazardous to human health and your plumbing structure. For example, many flush antibiotics down their sink or toilet, which then interacts with the water supply, causing local contamination. Call your local pharmacy to discuss the disposal of medicines.

Cooking grease

It can be an easy mistake to make: you’re in the kitchen close to the drain and so you simply pour out the grease from the pan you’re using. But this grease can cause a significant blockage within your plumbing system. It may also corrode your water pipes, leading to long-term leaks within the home. Safely dispose of grease or cooking oil by placing it in jars, then throwing out the jars in your trash.

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