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Three Reasons Why Your Plumbing Pipes Make a Knocking Noise

Plumbing issues can happen to your home due to a variety of reasons. Hearing a “knocking noise” is an all too common problem. Fortunately, you can contact a company offering plumbing repair services to investigate the problem and take care of the issue before it causes more damages. Staying proactive by hiring a plumber in Victorville, Apple Valley, or Hesperia can save you a lot of stress and give you peace of mind.

Here are a few common reasons why your plumbing pipes are making these strange sounds.

Water Hammer

Hearing a loud knocking sound after you shut the water off is known as a “water hammer”. This happens due to the valve suddenly shutting off while forcing the water to bang within the valve and the water that’s in front of it. Sometimes you can fix this problem in older homes built before 1960 by shutting off your water while running all of your faucets at the same time to drain excess water from your pipes to stop the water hammer. On the other hand, you will need to contact a plumber to make repairs for a modern home.

Loose Pipes

Supply pipes can eventually get loose over the years. These loosened straps securing these pipes will cause the pipes to bang against the wall due to the increase in water pressure. This problem only happens while the water is running. Contacting a plumber is a great way to take care of this problem, as they can refasten the straps to the wall or add foam to lessen the noise if the pipes are inside of the wall.

Excess Water Pressure

Too much water pressure will cause the pipes to rattle, even if they are securely attached to the wall. You will only notice this noise while the water is running, as it’s often a quiet tapping sound compared to a full knocking. Typically, it’s recommended for your water pressure to range between 40 and 80 psi. A plumber can help you determine the best solution, such as installing a pressure-reducing valve, turning down the water temperature, or implementing a hot water expansion tank.

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