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A garbage disposal is highly convenient but can eventually stop working if it isn’t properly used. Learning which items to avoid putting down your garbage disposal is essential in reducing any potential problems and long-term maintenance issues that will only be able to be fixed by a licensed plumber near you.

Here are five common things that you should always avoid putting in your garbage disposal.

  • Grease & Oils

Grease and oils can create significant problems for your garbage disposal. Grease and oil will eventually cool and turn into a solid substance that will likely cause a clog in your garbage disposal. Keeping grease and oils out of a garbage disposal is always the safest option to avoid any problems.

  • Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds should also be avoided, as they can cause damage by wearing down the blades. Large amounts of coffee grounds can also eventually become packed and create clogs. Dumping coffee grounds in the trash can is always a better alternative.

  • Pasta & Rice

You should also avoid putting pasta and rice down the garbage disposal, as they can quickly expand and become sticky once they are soaked in water. Ultimately, this makes it more likely to create significant clogs and cause expensive plumbing problems. 

  • Bones

You should always dispose of bones in the trash instead of putting them in the garbage disposal. Even small chicken bones can cause damage and ruin the blades or motor. Trying to repair a garbage disposal on your own isn’t an easy task and your best option is to find a licensed plumber near you.

  • Fruit Pits & Seeds

Fruits pits and seeds are also too rough for the blades and can create damage. These round objects will even rattle around the disposal and make a loud sound. The safer option is always to throw fruits pits and seeds in the trash can.

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