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Your home plumbing requires care and maintenance to protect your property and keep all systems running perfectly. But you might not have the time to learn how to maintain your residential plumbing system. Our experts have the experience to guide homeowners in protecting their families and homes against common plumbing issues and in this latest post we present five residential plumbing tips from our Apple Valley, CA experts.

  1. Fix Low Flow Showerheads with Comprehensive Cleaning

Operators of older shower systems may find that their system no longer provides the level of flow they require for a comfortable shower experience. If you discover your shower has a lower flow than usual, you might try cleaning the head. Start by detaching the head from the shower pipe and then submerge the head in a container of white vinegar for a few hours. This will help remove any mineral deposits within the system.

  1. Learn the Signs of Water Leaks

Water leaks can have a significant impact on your home, possibly costing you thousands of dollars if not addressed promptly. But to address a water leak, you’ve got to know what you’re looking for. One of the first signs of a water leak is patches on your wall where the water has entered the area outside the pipes. You might also notice that your water costs have risen dramatically from one month to the next. These are clear signs it’s time to get your pipes inspected by professional Apple Valley, CA residential plumbing experts.

  1. Learn How to Manage Overflows

Overflows are one of the most common types of plumbing issue. This occurs when the water cannot be stopped by simply turning off the tap. To protect against overflows, it’s important that you locate your main shut off valve within the home. Once you’ve found and noted its location, you can then simply shut off the water when the overflow occurs, protecting your belongings against water damage.

  1. Be Careful What You Place in Your Disposal System

Many homeowners believe their kitchen’s disposal system can handle any type of food item. But they’re often wrong. Products such as corn husks, celery and banana peels can damage the inner mechanism of the system, requiring costly repair work. If you have children, make sure they know what can and can’t be placed within the disposal system and place rules regarding use within the kitchen so that everyone can take a role in protecting your appliances.

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