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Are you having an issue with a clogged toilet or kitchen drain? Here are a few things that can cause a clogged toilet or drain issues in your home. Find out what they are and how you can avoid this from happening to your plumbing.

Your Kitchen Drain Can’t Handle Everything

Similar to your toilet, you need to be mindful of what you pour down your kitchen drain. Not everything that can be prepared or used in a kitchen should be poured down the drain. Items like cooking oil, certain sauces, and especially grease should not be emptied into your sink as they can cause clogged drains. The same can be said for foods, even smaller bites, and leftovers as they will not disintegrate or dissolve and can cause backups.

So, always be sure to properly discard such things as food and grease in the appropriate place – i.e. the garbage, composts, etc.

Watch What You Flush

While many household items and products may say they are safe to flush on their labels, many of them can cause toilet clogging if they are flushed. Such products like diapers, different wipes, and hygiene items do not disintegrate and break up in your drain like toilet paper is designed to.

As with your kitchen sink, try your best to dispose of these items in your trash and recycling, as doing so can save you big headaches and a clogged toilet drain.

Old Pipes May Need Replacement

Like with anything around your home, the older something is, the more chance there is you may run into problems with it. The metal and clay piping in your house and sewer lines that were used years ago during home building can be susceptible to roots, rocks, and cracks. Updating your piping with PVC or more modern plastic options is recommended.

Backwater Prevention Valve

This can easily be installed in your basement piping by our team at Roto-Rooter. As the name indicates, it can help fight back drain backups by pushing sewage away and out of your home – thus, preventing backflow into your piping and drains.

Fix that Clogged Drain & More with Roto-Rooter

Our Roto-Rooter plumbing team provides licensed and insured technicians, along with 24/7 residential plumbing solutions. Whether you have a clogged toilet drain, septic tank issues, and more, we can handle it.

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