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People often think of plumbing as something that only affects the interior of their house, but there are major issues that can occur outside a home as well. From broken underground pipes to problems with the rain spouts on your house, outdoor problems can occur as well; and sometimes even turn into indoor problems, such as flooding.

That’s why a Hesperia Roto Rooter plumber at Roto Rooter High Desert are fully prepared to help with any plumbing problems that occur outside your home as well.

Our outdoor services include:

Drain and Spout Cleaning: Clogged, broken, or leaking drain spouts are among the most common causes of flooding, especially around the foundation. When they aren’t properly carrying water to areas designed to accommodate it, that water is falling down around your foundation and leaking in through any cracks that might be there. With spring coming, it’s the perfect time to make sure your drains are in ­top condition.

Outdoor Faucet Maintenance: Sometimes an outdoor faucet can leak for weeks or months without being noticed, simply because they’re used infrequently. Outdoor faucets are also easy to overlook, such as if you’re wearing gloves for gardening work. A Roto Rooter plumber in Hesperia can easily identify leaks and other problems with your outdoor faucets, potentially saving you a lot of money in wasted water.

Underground Leaks: In the event there’s a leaking or broken pipe underneath your lawn, it will usually become apparent by causing standing water on the lawn with no clear source. Underground leaks can also often cause foul-­smelling fumes to appear above the break. In case you suspect there’s an underground problem, do not dig yourself. Call in professionals who know how to dig without causing damage to other buried lines such as power or Internet cables.

Lawn Sprinkler Issues: The pipes which carry water around your lawn for watering are often thin and easily ­damaged, leading to leaks or ­even­ geysers of water when you turn the sprinklers on. A Roto Rooter plumber can sort these issues up, patching your sprinklers for full effectiveness.

When you suspect you’ve got plumbing issues in the Hesperia, CA, it’s time to call in the professionals at Roto Rooter High Desert. Our workforce is fully licensed, qualified, and insured against damage, guaranteeing top-­quality risk­-free work. Contact us today for a full evaluation and price estimate!