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Winter is coming, and even here in Hesperia, it’s possible to get extended periods of cold and freezing temperatures.  This could be a major problem for your septic system if you don’t get it serviced before the freezing temperatures hit!  We pride ourselves on providing affordable septic service in Hesperia, but doing septic work in the winter is much more difficult – and sometimes impossible.

Why You Need To Take Care of Your Septic Issues Before It Freezes

There are a number of factors at play here, which all make it increasingly difficult to get affordable septic service in Hesperia once cold weather hits.

One of the biggest issues is the hardening of the ground.  Cold or frozen soil is always harder to dig in than warm/wet soil. That means bringing in serious heavy machinery just to do a pretty basic digging job.  Worse, it’s virtually guaranteed to do some damage to your grounds or turf that you may have to pay to have repaired in the spring.

While snow is relatively rare in the area, it can complicate matters more.  Snow on the ground will make it more difficult to locate your septic tank’s access cover, as well as the drain field.  This means more time spent, and potentially even more time spent digging up your yard.

Plus, there are freezing issues to consider with the septic tank and drain field.  Removing the snow and/or turf around them will remove their insulation from the cold, and increase the chances of them freezing over.  This could cause major issues with your septic system at the worst possible time!

Simply put, you do not want to have to do septic work during freezing weather if there is any way of avoiding it.

Keep Yourself Safe by Having Septic Work Done ASAP

The other danger, of course, is to yourself, your home, and your family.  If you need septic work done, but it doesn’t happen before winter hits, that could leave you in a very bad position – potentially with septic water backing up into your house and causing major health risks.

Instead, contact Roto-Rooter High Desert before freezing weather hits!  We offer affordable septic service in Hesperia, and we still have time to take care of any issues before the cold weather complicates things.Contact us directly to schedule an appointment.