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Septic systems are designed to ensure that only effluent is discharged from a tank into a drain field below ground and above the water table. They seem simple, but there are a number of things that can go wrong very quickly and lead to serious repair costs if not identified in time. Here is information on the types of septic tanks available, and why affordable septic tank cleaning in Hesperia, at your doorstep, is not a problem when you have access to the right professionals.

Types Of Septic Tanks

There are three types of septic tanks usually deployed for use. The first type is a single septic tank based system that consists of an underground tank for receiving and settling wastewater. Solids settle to the bottom of the tank as sludge, while oil and grease float to the surface forming a scum layer. These tanks use anaerobic bacteria to reduce the solids by 50 to 60%. The second type of septic tank uses secondary treatment systems and air to help break down and treat wastewater. Introducing oxygen to the waste stream encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria that are extremely efficient at consuming solids in wastewater. Secondary treatment systems treat liquid wastewater more efficiently than the first type of systems. The third type is secondary treatment systems for very difficult sites to reduce or eliminate pathogens. They employ aerobic treatment processes to treat domestic sewage and use an integrated air blower to mix oxygen with the sewage.

Affordable Service at Your Doorstep

Affordable septic tank cleaning services are possible at your doorstep in Hesperia, thanks to the presence of professionals like Roto-Rooter High Desert. We have trained and qualified plumbers who are always on call, ready to work on the biggest as well as the smallest jobs. We have a team of septic system service and repair experts who can inspect your septic system for leaks, signs of back-up and proper operation while recommending the ideal cleaning frequency cycle to ensure optimal performance and reduce potential repair costs in the future.

Septic Tank Cleaning In Hesperia

It is important to clean your septic tanks regularly not just for effective drainage but to lower maintenance costs and prevent significant repairs. For more information, contact the experts at Roto-Rooter High Desert for all of your plumbing requirements today.