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What starts as a simple clogged drain can quickly escalate into plumbing problems that require serious repairs. Clogged drains are among the most common plumbing troubles, but they can also be easily avoided. These tips can reduce the number of potential problems you may have to face.

Wipes and Towels

More and more people have begun to use pre-moistened wipes, baby wipes,and paper towels, and the quality of some of these products is dubious. What happens when poor quality wipes are flushed instead of disposed of in garbageis that they refuse to break down in the septic system. This leads to clogged drains, sewage back-ups,and residential contamination.

Watch The Sink

Kitchen sinks are where most clogging occurs because a lot of people pour the fat run-off from cooking down their drains. Lard tends to stick and then harden, narrowing pipes and clogging them, which is why grease should always be disposed of in the garbage.

Choose Hoses Well

Washing machines sometimes use black rubber hoses that can burst over a period of time and flood laundry areas with gallons of water a minute. Use stainless braided hoses instead.

Avoid Corrosive Cleaners

Toilet bowls are often cleaned with corrosive chemicals that leach into the water and sometimes damage pipes. You can also lose your warranty from a toilet manufacturer for using the wrong chemicals.

Careful With Pipes

A lot of homeowners tend to hang wet or pressed clothes from exposed plumbing, especially in basements. Pipes aren’t built to support this weightand can burst with the strain. Invest in clothing racks instead.

Other Tips

It always helps to reach out to a professional for sink or drain plumbing repairs, but you can try a manual plunger to unclog a drain first. If your shower drain is clogged, try putting a plastic stick into the pipe to remove hair that may be the cause. Also, find out where your main water shut-off valve is in the event of a flooding, so you can switch it off during an emergency.

For Sink Or Drain Plumbing Help

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