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Most people who own septic systems know the basics of maintenance, such as the need for periodic septic tanks cleaning in Victorville.  However, in our own work, it seems like a lot of newer residents here in the desert area are less informed about their drain fields.  The drain field is an absolutely vital component of a septic system, and damage to it can also cause damage to your lawn or to the septic tank.

In today’s blog, we wanted to talk about your drain field: what it does, and how to avoid damaging it.

Understanding the Drain Field in Your Septic System

Simply put, the drain field is how your septic system disposes of most of the water that goes into a septic tank.  The tank’s design is such that when a mix of water and solid materials flows in, they become separated.  The solid materials remain in the tank, eventually settling at the bottom of the tank.

When the tank fills up with solids, that’s when you need professionals to do septic tanks cleaning in Victorville.

However, water doesn’t stay in the tank for too long.  It stays long enough to separate out the most toxic debris but then flows out and into the drain field.  This is a large below-ground system of trenches, usually filled with gravel that captures the wastewater.  The water remains in the drain field for long enough that natural biological processes de-contaminate it, and then the water rejoins the natural outdoor water cycle via evaporation.

Keeping Your Septic System Drain Field Safe

The big safety issue with the drain field is this:  If water is prevented from flowing out of the tank and into the field, that water will go somewhere else instead.  Like back into your house.  It’s vital that the flow into the drain field remain unblocked.

To do this:

  • Know where your drain field is!  If needed, pull the original plans for your home.
  • Never park a car or other heavy equipment above the drain field.
  • Don’t plant trees, shrubs, or bushes around the drain field.  Their roots can do serious damage.
  • Never pave over any part of the drain field.
  • Get septic tanks cleaning in Victorville on schedule, since a full tank can create clogs in the field.

Roto-Rooter High Desert Can Help

Follow these tips, and you should have a well-functioning drain field.  Contact us directly for other questions!