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Roto-Rooter Plumbers here in Hesperia, CA, are happy to help with just about any issue someone might have with their plumbing, but not all problems require the help of a professional!

One common issue we hear about is simply bad smells coming from pipes or drains.  Now, sometimes, this can indicate larger problems which do require a specialist.  If most\all of the drains and faucets in your home smell bad, that can often be a sign of septic tank problems.  However, if it’s only a single drain or pipe that smells bad, it could be something you can take care of easily.

Straight from a Roto-Rooter Plumber:  Tips for Dealing with Bad Smells from Your Drains

1. In The Kitchen

If the scents are coming from your kitchen drain, especially if you have a garbage disposal, they’re almost always going to be caused by remains of food items (such as fat\grease or small bits of meat) which have become stuck in the piping.  Often, all it takes is running hot water through the drain and -if applicable- running the garbage disposal to clear them out.

If that doesn’t work, here’s a quick DIY-style alternative to strong chemical products like Drano, which are bad for your pipes.  Pour one cup of dry baking soda down the drain, followed by two cups of distilled vinegar.  This should produce noticeable foaming and fizzing, as it knocks loose stuck materials.  Follow it up with hot water to clear the pipe.

Bad smells from the refrigerator are virtually always due to issues with the food inside.  An open box of baking soda can help reduce smells.  However, it’s probably just time to give the fridge a good cleaning while throwing out old condiments and such.

2.In The Bathroom

A bathroom, for obvious reasons, is rarely going to be the nicest-smelling part of the house.  However, it should not truly stink.

If the smells are coming from either the sink or shower drain, it’s likely due to a buildup of soap which then collects other organic materials such as hair.  The same baking soda + vinegar combination we talked about above will work here too.

The other common source is the toilet, and it’s generally just an issue of giving it a good cleaning.  For those on city sewer lines, any bleach-based product will work.  For those with septic systems, it’s trickier.  Look for all-natural cleaners which don’t include caustic chemicals, as those can harm your septic tank.

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