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Sink drain plumbing may seem like a simple thing but can be potentially messy if you’re not aware of the many components involved. There are things to consider, including the drain assembly, strainer, tailpiece, P-trap assembly, possible extra parts like double elbows or extension pipes, and managing the various pipe connections properly to prevent leakage in future. Here are a few tips that should make your sink drain plumbing installation or repairs a little easier to manage.

Consider Sink Depth

Always make sure the bottom of the tailpiece is about an inch above the center of a drain opening in the wall for the P-trap to work. This is tricky when you have a deep sink, but you can manage more clearance by either shortening the tailpiece or lowering the drain opening by removing some wall covering. Always measure the depths of prospective sinks before purchasing one to prevent unforeseen problems with installation.

Strainer Installation

It is easier to hook up a drain assembly to the sink before putting the sink in place, and easier to tighten the locknut with adjustable pliers. Screw in the tailpiece to the strainer, spread putty on the underside of the strainer, tighten the locknut and keep tightening the strainer.

The Trap

When it comes to sink drain plumbing, the P-trap assembly always consists of a vertical inlet, horizontal outlet and swivel connection. There are also compression fittings of nuts and plastic gaskets that can be tightened to prevent leaks. Pay attention to the thickness of the gaskets and what kind of connections you use for double sinks.

Garbage Disposals

Omit the strainer and install a ring on the bottom of the sink to hold the machine. There are also outlets on the side that can be connected to the wall drain via a dedicated trap. For pipes that fit at an angle, use fittings to make straight connections, and don’t over-tighten compression nuts because they lead to leaks.

For Sink Drain Plumbing

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