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Under normal circumstances, your septic tanks should be able to go around 3-4 years without needing any major maintenance. Of course, every four years or so, you will need septic tanks cleaning in Hesperia. The drain field will also need to be refurbished every twenty years, give or take.

If all goes well, that’s all the maintenance your septic system will need. However, sometimes emergencies do occur, which require much more immediate action. Here are some of the most common causes of septic emergencies.


Situations That Can Cause Septic Tanks Emergencies in Hesperia


1- Clogged pipes

As with most types of plumbing, clogged pipes are among the most common problems that can occur. Unfortunately, unlike a clogged sink, a clog in the pipes between your home and your septic tanks is a major problem.  You’ll potentially be unable to flush\drain any fixture or water-using appliance in your home, and they’ll probably be backing up as well.

This can also be a sign that you need septic tanks cleaning in Hesperia, but only if it’s been at least three years since the last cleaning.


2- Broken pipes

Of course, the pipes can be broken as well. This rarely happens due to natural actions, although potentially earthquakes could do it. More often, it’s due to people digging on a property without verifying the location of the plumbing lines first. Basically, if a septic pipe has broken, you’ll know about it very quickly from the smell and the visible water.


3- Collapsed drain fields

As mentioned above, a drain field should last around 20-25 years without needing maintenance. However, it can be damaged. In particular, the drain field can be crushed by having heavy objects on top of it, such as parking large trucks or RVs above the field. Never do this. However, if you do see standing water above your drain field, it’s pretty much always a major problem with the field itself.
4- Ecosystem issues

There’s a rich microbial ecosystem within your septic tank which is largely responsible for disposing of the solid waste inside it. Many chemicals, such as bleach and other harsh cleaners, can do real damage to that ecosystem. If the microbial life in your tank dies off, it’ll fill up more quickly than it should.

If any of these emergencies occur, don’t wait! Contact Roto-Rooter High Desert for rapid assistance!