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In the event you’re one of the roughly one in four of Americans who rely on a septic system, you know that having them pumped occasionally is a necessary chore.  When you fail to do so, all manner of unpleasantness can ensue.

The question is, how do you pick a septic pumping service in Hesperia, CA?  This isn’t a simple job, and it requires true training and expertise.  When done incorrectly, the results can be disastrous.  

Four Things to Look for in A Septic System Pumping Service 

1. A Record of Success                                                                                                            

This is your lawn we’re talking about; you don’t want just any company digging around on it.  Septic system pumping should do very little harm to your yard, beyond digging up the cover, but it’s easy for amateurs and small independents to mess up.  Plus, there’s the system itself to think about.  Poor maintenance can take years off your septic systems’ life.

Either way, pick a septic service which can provide plenty of references and experience.

2. System Checkups

There’s no better time to check on the health of your septic system than when it’s already opened up and drained.  Most quality septic system pumping services will make sure to check the slime and sludge levels, the tank interior and (if possible) some of the pipes and runoff at the same time.  If they aren’t offering these services, you probably want another company.

3. Larger Repair Capabilities.

The big reason you’d want to avoid companies that only pump the septic system is that they probably don’t have the equipment or expertise to handle any other jobs.  When more problems are noticed after a pumping, you definitely want to get those taken care of ASAP.  Post-draining is also the best possible time to have repairs done.

So look for a service which can handle bigger jobs, in case one happens to be needed unexpectedly.

4. Full Licensing and Hazardous Materials Certifications.

Are they actually licensed and qualified to handle biological materials?  You’d be surprised how many aren’t, or else hand off the work to third parties you have no way of vetting.  When dealing with materials that can be serious contaminants, there’s really no such thing as playing it too safe.

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