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One of the most critical aspects of any new installation is plumbing. What sort of commercial plumbing supplies do you need to invest in and install? What materials do you pick, or brands, and how do you make these decisions? These tips can help. For more recommendations, always speak to a professional plumbing service.

Toilet Plumbing

The supplies that make sense here are those that will be low maintenance, durable, and save water. Some products now use 35% less water than standard 1.6 gallons per flush models. You can also choose products with a smooth glaze to ensure nothing sticks to porous ceramic bowls, for less maintenance.

Bathtubs and Showers

Showers are great, but a lot of new installations also use bathtubs. Choosing commercial plumbing supplies for showers or bathtubs depends on your needsbut it’s always important to consider function over form. Fiberglass or porcelain on steel is not very durable, and good quality acrylic is usually a better option. Cast iron and solid surface materials are durable but heavy. Rainfall showerheads may be great, but don’t really get you clean. A hand shower with adjustable settings may be better, along with adjustable handheld showerheads.

Choosing Faucets

This depends on the kind of sink or vanity you intend to use. For vessel sinks, choose faucets that are high enough to accommodate the sink. If a vanity countertop is pre-drilled, your faucet will have to match the holes. Wall-mount faucets are clutter-free and work with any vanity or sink that is not pre-drilled.

The Right Pipes

Cast iron pipes are most commonly used because they are strong, but they can also corrode easily. Asbestos pipes can withstand high pressure but can be damaged by root intrusion. PVC pipes are commonly used in cold water systems, while galvanized steel pipes are used for internal plumbing. You can also consider concrete pipes to supply water and high-density polyethylene pipes for sewer and water lines.

For Commercial Plumbing Supplies

Choosing the right supplies and the most reputed brands can be difficult when you have all kinds of options to choose from. Roto-Rooter High Desert has been offering commercial plumbing supplies in the High Desert area for years. For advice or recommendations, contact our team of experts today.