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Septic tanks cleaning in Victorville needs to happen every three to five years.  It’s simply the nature of how septic tanks work.  While septic tanks and their accompanying drain fields are quite proficient at dealing with the wastewater produced by a home or business, there will always be more solid materials that get deposited in the tank and fill it up over time.

A septic tank which is entirely full of solid sludge will become a health hazard to everything and everyone nearby, causing toxic water to back up into the building, or saturate the ground above the tank.

Fortunately, septic tanks cleaning don’t cost too much and generally only takes an hour or two.  Here are the basics of how it works.

What Happens During a Septic Tanks Cleaning In Victorville

  1. You set an appointment.

It’s important that someone be home whenever your septic tanks are cleaned, so you always want to schedule an appointment at a time which is convenient for you.  In highly unusual circumstances, it’s possible to do a tank cleaning when no one is around, but it’s not recommended.

  1. The workers locate and open up the tank access hatch.

Workers will arrive, along with a tanker truck for holding the septic materials.  They will locate the access hatch for your tank, dig down to it (doing as little damage to your lawn as possible) and open up the tank.  You can speed this process up by letting them know where the access hatch is.

  1. A hose is put into the tank, and materials pumped out.

Septic tank technicians use special tankers equipped with high-powered vacuums capable of sucking out all the materials inside pretty quickly.  It rarely takes much more than an hour.  It’s best you stay away from pumping since there will be toxic fumes.

  1. The workers perform an inspection.

It is much cheaper and easier to do work on a septic tank which has been drained, so your septic technician will inspect the tank for any signs of damage or other problems.

5 – The hatch is closed and covered up.

If no other problems are seen, that’s it!  The workers will close up the hatch and bury it again.  Your septic system is good for another 3-5 years.

Is it time for your next septic tanks cleaning in Victorville?  Schedule an appointment today!