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Have you thought lately about whether there’s anything you or others in your household might be doing that could harm your septic system? Many don’t, and it’s understandable why.

When a septic tank generally only needs maintenance every three to five years, it’s easy to overlook minor everyday mistakes that can harm the system.  Imagine if you could push that timeframe closer to the five-year mark, wouldn’t you want to?  Needless septic system service calls can get expensive, not to mention disrupting your day when they have to be done.

There are a number of little things that, if done (or not done), can significantly reduce the number of septic system service jobs you’ll need over the years.  You might even extend the life of your septic system overall, preventing breakdowns or equipment failure!

Hesperia, CA, Septic System Service Tips for Longer and Better Performance

Conserve Water When Possible

The more water that flows into your septic system, the more quickly it’s going to need servicing.  Anything you can do to reduce water usage will also extend your septic system’s life span.  As some easy examples:

  • Don’t flush toilets unnecessarily.
  • Don’t leave water running during morning\evening bathroom routines.
  • Don’t run a half-filled dishwasher or washing machine loads.
  • Have all leaks checked out immediately, especially if they’re flowing into floor drains.

Avoid foreign objects in the pipes.

Whether we’re talking about your garbage disposal or your toilet, you can do a lot of damage by sending the wrong items down the drain.

When it comes to toilets, there’s a very simple rule:  Never flush anything that didn’t come from your body, aside from toilet paper.  Any other items will be slow to break down in a septic tank, or not at all, increasing clogs or chance of damage.

The same is true for your garbage disposal.  Anything sent through it ends up in the septic tank, and too much food material can easily mess up the bio-chemical balance within the tank.  Use garbage disposals sparingly, and put your scraps in the trash.

3. Don’t ignore major warning signs.

When your septic system is in need of maintenance, it will let you know.  Ignoring these warning signs can cause extra damage to the system, or potentially even harm your property.  They include:

  • Constantly overflowing toilets.
  • Standing water or sinkholes above the septic tank.
  • Gurgling sounds from your pipes.
  • Unpleasant odors from pipes.
  • Backup from one appliance into another.

Professional Septic System Service

In the event you’re seeing any of these things, delaying will only make matters worse.  Contact the professionals at Roto Rooter High Desert, and get the professional Hesperia, CA, septic system service you need. We are always on-call, and can service any job, not mater how big or small!