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The Signs You Require Septic System Service Work

If your septic system doesn’t run to peak performance, it can cause several problems throughout the property.

Your sinks and toilets may not flow properly. You may also discover standing water.

To help you maintain your home septic system, let’s explore the common signs of a septic system service issue.

1. Slow Drains

When your septic system doesn’t function effectively, your drains will move slowly.

A blocked system may even cause water to pool around sinks and toilets. If slow-moving drains impact your daily routine, it’s time to call your local septic system service professional.

2. Strong Odors

A dysfunctional septic system will emit strong odors. A septic tank releasing strong odors is a clear sign that the system requires repair. The issue could be that the tank is full and overflowing. Or there could be an issue with a blockage somewhere in the system.

If you notice a strong sewage odor around your home, call your service professional immediately.

3. Sewage Back-Ups

Sewage backups occur due to a blocked line, which prevents wastewater from traveling to the drainage area.

It might be the sewage has backed up in the areas around your property or even inside your home. Dealing with sewage backups within minutes is the best way to protect your family and prevent structural damage to your property.

4. Gurgling Sounds

Listen out for strange sounds coming from your septic unit. If you hear gurgling sounds when you flush your toilet or when using your sinks and showers, it might be linked to a blockage somewhere in the drain. The gurgling sound is likely the result of water trying to make its way around a piece of debris in the pipes.

5. Green Grass Around the Tank

The sight of healthy green grass around your tank might not be the most obvious sign of a problem. But green grass may indicate that the sewage is leaking from your unit and fertilizing the lawn in the area. A lush green lawn is often a key misunderstood sign of septic tank service requirements.

Make sure you call your local service team to discuss the issue directly.

Roto-Rooter Offers a Swift Response to Septic Repair Requirements

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