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A hidden leak in the home can damage the structure of the property and potentially cost you thousands of dollars more in home repairs. Our licensed plumbers working near you can help you manage leak issues. Let’s explore the signs of hidden leaks in the home.

Damaged Walls

If you have hidden leaks in the home, it’s likely that the walls have also been damaged. A wall that is stained or deformed may be the result of a plumbing leak. Drywall is particularly susceptible to leaks. When it encounters moisture, it begins to bubble and then crumble. Once you identify this issue, make sure you call our team at Roto-Rooter for a fast response.

Chipping Paint

When paint begins to chip off the walls, there’s a significant chance that you have some form of leak. Paint chipping occurs when water gets trapped between the wall and the paint and impacts the adhesion. The paint will start to fall off in larger pieces the worse the leak becomes over time.


Mold flourishes in moist areas of the home. A leaking pipe in a hidden area of the home provides the perfect environment for mold to thrive. If you notice patches of dark mold on your wall or floors, consult with Roto-Rooter at the earliest opportunity. Our licensed plumbers can review the problem and help eradicate mold growth.

Odor of Stale Water

You’ll notice a musty smell when moisture in the walls becomes stale over time. You might clean your home regularly, but this smell won’t go away during the cleaning process. The odor is likely coming from the structure of the home and is related to a leak that has developed over several months.

Cracked Flooring

When flooring in your bathroom and kitchen begins to crack and stain without a clear reason, this is a sign that water is sitting underneath. Usually, the cause is a pipe that has burst underneath the floor.

Don’t wait to resolve these signs of leaks inside your home! Our licensed plumbers are working in areas near you to safeguard properties and help homeowners protect their families.

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