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A slab leak can be a serious issue that can cause lots of damage to a home. That’s why our Roto-Rooter team has outlined some ways to know if you need slab leak repair in Victorville.

Understanding a Slab Leak

If a pipe leaks underneath a property’s slab foundation, this is what is known as a slab leak. What is difficult about these types of leaks is that they can be extremely hard for a homeowner to identify – often they can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Not only will this type of leak affect the ground surrounding the foundation, but it can also potentially harm and breakdown soil and concrete, which can do major damage to a home’s foundation (floors and walls may crack, etc.)

How to Identify a Slab Leak

As mentioned, while it can sometimes be difficult to know, here are a few things to watch out for that may indicate you have a slab leak in your Victorville home.

  • Is your water bill going up despite the fact you have not changed your water consumption or routine? A raised water bill can often indicate you may have a leak.


  • Raised, arched, or warped flooring means that there is a water leak, and unfortunately, if there is warping, it may already be somewhat serious. If you do notice this, contact a plumber


  • Warm areas on your floor can mean that you have a hot water leak. If you notice a hot or warm spot on your floor this could be the location of the leak (for tiled flooring it may be harder to notice vs. rug or thin flooring materials).


  • With major slab leaks, a home’s foundation slab can actually inflate causing the property to lift – this is known as heaving. If this has occurred, you need to speak to a professional as soon as possible as this can cause severe and irreversible damage to your home or property.

What Should You Do Next?

As with any serious plumbing issue, never try to fix a slab leak yourself. Slab leak repair should only be left to professionals since it can be very difficult and complicated. Always go with a company with lots of experience that are insured and licensed (we can’t stress this enough).

Roto-Rooter Provides Slab Leak Repair in Victorville

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