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For most people, their dishwasher is a necessity of modern life, and an appliance that sees almost daily use. So any problems with a dishwasher will often lead to a call straight to a Roto Rooter plumber.

However, it’s not necessarily a plumbing problem!  There are some little-known things that can go wrong with a dishwasher which you can easily fix yourself, or avoid entirely with a little foresight.  

There’s always a Roto Rooter plumber available when you need one in Hesperia, CA, but you’ll save money if you can avoid it.

Top Tips for Dealing with Dishwasher Maintenance Issues

Dishes aren’t getting fully cleaned.

When you’re pulling dishes out of the washer and they still have food residue on them, that means you’ve got big problems with the dishwasher, right?   Not necessarily!  There are actually a few non-plumbing issues that can cause this.

  • Too much food still on the plates.  Dishwashers aren’t miracle workers, and work best when the plates are half-clean already.
  • Clogged holes on the spinning arm.  You should be able to tell, visually, if the holes are clogged, and they can be easily unclogged by hand.
  • Too much detergent.  Really!  Too much detergent creates too many suds, which interfere with the washing action.  Try using less, or changing brands.

Puddles around the washer.

Puddles is something else which could indicate a plumbing issue, but also could simply be happening inside the dishwasher itself.  Check the hinges and latch to ensure that everything is closing properly.  Also, this is another issue where too much or too-sudsy detergent could be to blame.  The suds expand and force water out through cracks it wouldn’t normally go through.

Water inside the dishwasher isn’t draining.

The most common cause here is a clog in the pipe connecting your dishwasher to the main kitchen drainpipe, probably due to too much food remaining on the dishes.  While you can call a Roto Rooter plumber for this, it’s usually quite easy to fix this yourself.  Now, if you check that drain pipe and it’s not clogged, then it’s time for a plumber.

Roto-Rooter High Desert Has You Covered

In the event you’re having dishwasher issues which aren’t easily fixed by hand, your next call should be to Roto Rooter High Desert.  We’re here to help, with 24/7 emergency services!