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A leak in the concrete foundation underneath your home can impact sewer lines and water lines running underneath your property.

Proactive slab leak repair services are required to protect your family and the property for the long term.

But are these services covered by your home insurance?

First, Identify the Leak

Act as quickly as possible to identify the leak to minimize the level of damage to your home. Signs of a potential leak in the concrete slab underneath your home include:

  • A rise in your water bills

A leak in your foundation will cause your water bills to rise quickly. Take note of any sudden changes in your water costs.

  • Damaged or wet flooring

A slab leak usually can only go up, so the liquid will eventually reach your home flooring. Watch for puddles of water in areas throughout the home.

  • Reduced water pressure

A leak will cause water to rush out of your pipes, leaving you with lower flow. Ask your family to look for reduced water pressure as a sign of slab leaks.

  • Warm spots on the floor

Most slab leaks take place in the hot water line. A clear sign of a leak is hot water leaking in the ground and added heat surrounding the concrete. Watch out for warmer areas of flooring around your home.

Two Types of Insurance Offer Coverage

When reviewing your insurance services in the wake of a slab leak, consider your coverage through the following plans:

  • Personal property insurance

Personal property insurance covers any damage to furniture resulting from a slab leak. So, for example, if your slab leak damages furniture, this insurance plan might help offer coverage.

  • Dwelling insurance

Dwelling insurance offers coverage for the structure of the home. So, if you require a full slab removal and replacement after the plumbing repair work, your dwelling insurance will provide some level of coverage. However, it may not pay for the entire plumbing repair.

Roto-Rooter High Desert Offers 24/7 Slab Leak Repair Services

If you believe your home requires slab leak repair, make sure you call our team at Roto-Rooter High Desert as quickly as possible. We are licensed and insured for our repair work and can help work with your insurance team to ensure a safe and effective repair for the years ahead.

To learn more about our emergency plumbing services, call us today.