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As more people leave the expensive cities for life in the desert, we’re seeing an influx of people who now own their first septic system.  It can be difficult to adjust to having a septic tank, for people who’ve always had municipal sewers.  In particular, we are seeing people who have trouble knowing when it’s time for septic system pumping.

Even the best septic system will need to be pumped out on occasion.  It’s vital that this happens in a timely fashion, or else it can cause major problems!

Four Signs That It’s Time for A Septic System Pumping

1 – It’s been more than 3-4 years since your last pumping

On average, a septic system can last around 3-5 years before it needs to be cleaned out.  However, there’s really no reason to push that limit – septic system pumping isn’t that expensive.  If it’s been more than three or four years since your last septic tank cleaning, just go ahead and schedule it.  That’s vastly better than waiting too long, and having problems occur.

2 – Drains start draining slowly

One of the biggest signs a septic tank is full is that household drains will all begin draining slowly.  Remember, your septic tank is at the end of every drain in the house.  So, if it’s only one toilet that won’t flush properly, that’s a just regular plumbing problem.  When everything slows down or backs up, that’s a septic tank issue.

3 – Flooding in your drain field

The drain field is an area that’s away from the septic tank, where liquids from the top of the tank go into your yard to become fertilizer.  Most of the time, the drain field should only be indicated by the greener grass above it.  If this field ever becomes soggy or swampy, you need septic tank service ASAP!

4 – Foul smells in your yard

When a septic tank is functioning properly, it’s completely odorless.  If your yard ever starts to smell like a septic tank, that’s a clear sign that it’s not working properly and allowing materials to escape that shouldn’t.  As with flooding in your drain field, this is a sign you need to immediately call in professional help.

Don’t Wait When You Need Septic System Pumping

Putting off a pumping will only cause more problems.  Contact our team at Roto-Rooter High Desert for a service appointment!