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One of the worst things a person can do with a plumbing problem is to ignore it. The vast majority of the time, plumbing issues will only get worse as time passes. The earlier you spot a problem in development, and contact Roto-Rooter High Desert professionals to take care of it, the less trouble (and cost!) you’ll have later on.

Some warning signs are obvious, some aren’t.  Either way, the sooner you get them taken care of, the better.

Common Warning Signs It Might Be Time to Contact Roto-Rooter High Desert

Any Sort of Leak

There really isn’t any form of leak that’s worth ignoring. Even in the best case, it’s wasting water and adding to your monthly bill. In worse-case scenarios, leaks can lead to fully cracked pipes or other issues such as creating icy patches in the winter.

Slow-Draining or Oddly Low Water Levels in Toilets

Pretty much any strange flushing behavior from a toilet will tend to indicate a clog somewhere in the piping beneath it. The most obvious is if the bowl fills nearly to the brim when flushing, then is slow to drain. It’s also typical to hear a gurgling sound, and then have the water in the bowl refill to a very low level. Either indicates it is time to contact Roto-Rooter High Desert for help.

Odors from Your Garbage Disposal

Bad odors coming from your plumbing is, in general, a bad sign.  However, this is particularly true when it’s coming from a garbage disposal unit. Pretty much universally, this means there’s food trapped either in the unit or in the pipes directly beneath it. If running hot water for a while doesn’t fix the issue, you’ll need to get this taken care of before it becomes a more serious clog.

Backups Due to Running Other Appliances

One of the most serious issues is if the home plumbing becomes so backed up that it can’t drain out properly, particularly if you have a septic system.  This is commonly indicated by having backups when using large amounts of water in other rooms – i.e., you run your dishwasher, and graywater starts backing up into a shower.  Don’t say “Well, that’s funny.”  Get on the phone before the problem gets worse.

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