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Owning a property with a septic system means constantly being aware of the state of the septic system, and how it’s being used or abused. At the minimum, you’ll need septic system service in Hesperia around once every 3-4 years, to drain the tank. Ideally, that’s the only time you’ll need major septic work, but whether that’s the case is largely up to how well you treat your septic system in the meantime.

Given that septic maintenance can be costly, we completely understand why people would want to avoid needing any more service calls than necessary. So we have a few easy ways to protect your septic system and minimize the amount of extra work it needs.


Four Ways to Avoid Paying for Extra Septic System Service In Hesperia

1- Always drain your tank on schedule.

A septic tank should never be allowed to fill to the point of overflowing. That can potentially cause damage to the tank or drain field, not to mention causing problems in your home or lawn. 3-4 years is the recommendation for most usage scenarios, but if in doubt, drain it earlier rather than later.


2- Make sure your system gets inspected while it’s drained.

There’s no better time to ensure everything else is OK with your septic system than when the tank has just been drained. Most septic service professionals will do this as a matter of course, but be certain it happens. Make a point of asking if they spotted any problems after draining your tank.


3- Never pave over any part of your septic system.

This might seem common sense, but you’d be surprised how often people make additions to their property without checking their septic system layout. A well-functioning septic system needs turf and grass above it, not pavement. Try to avoid parking large\heavy things above the septic system as well.

4- Avoid flushing\draining any harmful chemicals.

Remember that all wastewater from your home goes into the septic tank. Any caustic cleaners, chemicals, oils, grease, paint, or anything else along those lines could cause damage to the septic system. Basically, if something isn’t specifically intended to be flushable, don’t flush it.


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