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When you experience an emergency plumbing issue, you must act quickly to protect your home. Gaining knowledge about how to address the issue will help you make the right choices at the right time. Let’s explore emergency plumbing tips from the 24-hour plumbing service team at Roto-Rooter.

Locate the Water Shutoff Valve

One of the first things you should do when you encounter a plumbing emergency is to locate the water shut off valve. Make sure you know the exact location of the valve just in case an issue arises. The valve will be located near your water meter if you’re on the city’s water supply. If you’re using well water, the valve should be in the well house.

Turn on the Cold Water to Stop Rising Toilet Water

When a toilet clog occurs, the water within the bowl begins to rise over time. You can counteract this effect by turning on the cold water in the nearby sink or the bathtub. This can stem some of the water flow so that the toilet water rises slowly. However, your best chance to mitigate flooding is to turn off your main water supply.

Use a Flange Plunger for a Clogged Toilet

One of the key mistakes many make when dealing with a plumbing emergency is simply using the wrong tool. If you have a clogged toilet, you can spend many frustrating hours dealing with the clog.

Using a flanged plunger is the best way to fix the issue.

The flanged plunger has a deep upside-down bowl with a rim two-to-three inches in height at its bottom. This flange is inserted into the toilet opening to create a seal. Pumping the plunger a few times builds up vacuum suction, then the entire plunger can be pulled up sharply to release the clog.

Use a Cup Plunger for a Clogged Sink

A clogged sink requires a different style of plunger than the toilet. Using a cup-style plunger, you can release the clog in the sink and ensure optimal water flow. Cup-style plungers are usually dark red and have a flat, wide rim. You should center the plunger over the drain and pump it several times to create the required vacuum seal. This suction will loosen the clog and allow water to flow freely again.

Turn Off the Water When the Flush Mechanism Fails

In some cases, particularly when you have an older system, the flush mechanism within the toilet will fail. This means water pours continuously into the tank. The toilet may also sometimes flush on its own.

To prevent the flow of water, turn off the water supply using the valve behind the toilet. Then call your local plumbing company to assess the extent of the problem. They may have to replace the entire flush mechanism or change several components to repair the toilet.

Use a Space Heater to Thaw Pipes

Frozen pipes are a significant issue in any home during the winter. This can occur when the water in the pipes dips below the freezing temperature, causing the entire structure to solidify. With extra care, you can use a space heater to thaw frozen water pipes.

But make sure that you don’t leave the system unattended for any period, as the heater can catch fire when overworked. Using the space heater for periods of 15-minutes at a time until the pipes become functional again is the best way to safely thaw your home system. If you’ve tried to thaw your pipes without success for several hours, call your local 24-hour plumbing service for guidance.

Questions to Consider in Choosing Qualified Emergency Plumbing Services

So now that you know several of the steps for dealing with plumbing emergencies in the home, it’s important you consider your local plumbing service options. Calling a 24-hour plumbing service will ensure that qualified experts are immediately dispatched to help you manage your plumbing problem. But finding the most qualified company can be difficult.

Use the questions below when considering a local plumbing service:

  • How Long Has the Company Been Operating?

Make sure you consider the total experience the company brings to the table. How long has the company been working in the industry? Are they able to prove this level of experience to you? When you call an emergency plumbing service, you might first review their background and history.

Take a few moments to review their About Us page and learn more about their approach to quality workmanship.

  • What is the Total Cost of the Service?

Find out more about the total cost of the service and make sure you have all the details before moving forward. For example, will there be an extra cost for any warranty after the repair? Will the technician provide you with a quote after reviewing the required repair?

Make sure that you receive an itemized bill at the end of the repair process so you can review the costs.

  • How Can We Make Sure the Home is Ready for the Repair?

When speaking with your local 24-hour plumbing service, find out more about what you can do to ready the home for the repair work to take place. For example, the repair company might ask that you keep animals and small children away from the plumbing areas.

They might also ask that you remove your personal items from the area to ensure they can work more effectively while limiting potential damage to your belongings.

  • What Steps Can We Take to Prevent the Issue in the Future?

This is a question to consider when the plumbers arrive at your house. Once they’ve fixed the problem, make sure you ask them to explain why the issue occurred in your home and what you can do now to prevent it from happening again.

Turn to Roto-Rooter for Quality Emergency Plumbing Services

Our experienced team at Roto-Rooter is now offering emergency plumbing services to homes throughout the region. We will respond quickly to your calls and provide you with immediate access to skilled and licensed plumbers.

Homeowners trust Roto-Rooter for emergency plumbing repairs because we’re committed to safeguarding your home. We’ll perform repairs designed to assure lasting safety on your property. This means you won’t have to worry about having to undergo further repair work for the same plumbing problem in the coming years.

It’s a commitment to quality of workmanship that as helped Roto-Rooter become a known leader throughout the plumbing industry. To learn more about our company and the complete range of repair services that we offer, contact us online or call (760) 245-2947.