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When you have sink drain plumbing problems in Victorville, you obviously want to get them taken care of quickly and affordably.  This leads many people to make the mistake of using chemical drain cleaners from the supermarket.  They might sound like they’re quick and easy, but they can actually be far more trouble than they’re worth!

Liquid drain cleaners are not a good solution to sink drain plumbing issues like clogs, for a number of reasons.

Why You Shouldn’t Pour Chemical Cleaners Down Your Drain

  • They’re harmful to your pipes

There’s nothing magical about chemical drain cleaners.  They’re simply caustic chemicals, usually some form of acid.  The idea is that they’ll simply burn away the clog.  The problem is, at the same time, they’re also burning through your pipes!  Chemical cleaners are particularly hard on plastic/PVC pipes, but they can damage or corrode almost any kind of piping.

Use them too often, and you can weaken your pipes, leading to rupture.

  • They’re incredibly toxic

Again, there’s no way to overstate just how nasty the ingredients in these products are.  We’re talking about chemicals like sulfuric acid, or sodium hydroxide.  These are harmful to people, pets, and the environment.  If not properly disposed of, they can be genuinely deadly.

Why have even more poisons lying around your house?

  • They’ll hurt your septic tank

People here in Victorville and surrounding areas are likely to have septic tanks since municipal sewers are far from common.  Every time you pour chemical cleaners into your drain, you’re also pouring them into your septic tank.  They will do significant damage to your tank’s ecosystem, potentially wrecking its ability to properly process waste.

This can lead to extremely expensive service calls from Victorville plumbers to fix your septic system!

  • Much of the time, they don’t even work properly!

Maybe the worst thing about chemical drain cleaners is this: they only barely work.  Often they simply aren’t strong enough to clear out the clog, and you’ve wasted your time and money while playing with toxic chemicals.  Even if they are successful, they rarely remove the entire clog.  They only remove enough material for water to flow again, but the clog will usually return pretty quickly.

If you want to fix sink drain plumbing problems in Victorville, there’s only one guaranteed quick and affordable solution: contact our team at Roto-Rooter today to schedule a service call.