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When you have a septic tank on your Hesperia, CA, property – like roughly a quarter of Americans – it’s inevitable that you’ll have to call in septic plumbers from time to time to have it worked on. However, because septic systems are designed to run for years without drawing any attention to themselves, how do you tell when it’s time to make that call?

There are a lot of “warning signs” that it’s time to have some work done on your septic system. These are the most common ones to watch out for.

Ways to Know You Need the Help of Qualified Septic Plumbers

1. It’s been more than three years since your last pumping

Septic tanks fill up with material, and periodically must be drained. That’s simply how they work. While the exact rate at which they fill up will vary depending on the size of your tank and how much water you use, it’s extremely rare for a septic tank to be able to go more than four years or so without needing to be pumped.

So, if it’s been more than three years since your last pumping, it’s generally a good idea to just go ahead and schedule the service call.  This is a situation where “better safe than sorry” definitely applies.

2. Are you expecting a lot of visitors soon?

One of the worst scenarios for a septic tank is if it has been awhile since its last pumping and it suddenly sees a much higher volume of water being used. This can tend to happen around holiday-times, for example, if you’re hosting a lot of family members in your house. The extra strain put on your septic system can push it over the edge.

In these cases, it’s best to have the tank pumped before your visitors arrive. Then you can be assured everything will be running well when they get there.

3. Is your lawn smelling bad?

Probably the biggest external warning sign of a full septic tank is that septic material will begin to leak into the surrounding ground – and that means your lawn. If you notice “sewer” smells on your lawn, or puddles of grayish water on the surface, you need emergency pumping services ASAP before the problem gets worse.

4. Are there growing trees near your septic tank or drain field?

Growing tree roots can easily damage a septic tank and its support systems, and they’re the most common cause of leaks in a recently-drained septic system. You should have qualified septic plumbers evaluate your trees and decide whether they’re causing problems.

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