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Septic system pumping in Hesperia, CA must occur on a regular basis to remove the sludge and excess water in your tank, otherwise, the wastewater will backflow into your home or flood your yard. Though broad guidelines exist to keep your system on a regular pumping schedule, your system will communicate with you and let you know when a pumping is needed. If you notice any of these four signs, it’s time for septic system pumping in your Victorville, CA, home.

Pooled Water

When water pools around the septic system, the ground in the drain field becomes saturated with filtered water, or a drain pipe is broken. High water levels in the tank from unexpected rains or flooding in the area can also contribute to pooling water, so it’s a good idea to consult with a professional plumber before you schedule a septic system pumping in Victorville, CA.

Visible Changes to Drain Field

Before water pools in your yard, the ground in the drain field will become saturated by an increased water flow. The excess water will make the grass in the affected area appear fuller and greener than the grass in other parts of your yard. When you notice a visible difference between the grass over your drain field and the rest of your yard, there’s likely to be a problem with your system, and you should schedule septic system pumping as soon as you can.

Foul Odor

As the wastewater moves through your septic system and into the drain field, the ground and plant roots are supposed to act as natural filters that remove waste and clean the water. When too much wastewater enters the field at one time, the natural filters no longer work, and you’ll notice a foul odor. High fat or grease content in the wastewater can also lead to clogs in the drain field, and add to your odor problem.

Slow Drains

Clogs and oversaturated drain fields leave wastewater in your system without a place to go, and the new wastewater from sinks and toilets takes much longer to work its way through your system. The only way to return your plumbing system to normal is with an empty septic tank.

Your septic system will let you know if it needs an emergency pumping with one of four clear warning signs. Heed the warning, and avoid costly septic system replacement by scheduling septic system pumping for your Hesperia, CA home with Roto-Rooter. Trust Roto-Rooter’s highly experienced staff to take care of your leaky faucet, clogged drain or pump your septic tank.

Roto-Rooter provides you with the four signs you need septic system pumping in Hesperia, CA. Our experts are here for all you septic and plumbing needs, call us!