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Ever wonder what’s happening when you call in a septic tanks cleaning service to dispose of the waste under your yard?  Or are you a recent home-buyer in the Victorville area, looking to learn more about how your first septic tank works?  Well, with years of great service backed by the Roto-Rooter name, Roto-Rooter High Desert is here to help!

Here’s a quick guide to how septic tanks cleaning happens.

How Your Septic Tanks Get Cleaned

1 – We find and uncover the access panel

Your septic tank is buried, so first we have to find it and open it up.  You can actually help here, if you know where the access panel is buried.  This can also reduce the cost of your cleaning somewhat, since we don’t have to spend time looking around your yard.

2 – We measure the sludge and scum depth

A septic tank is designed to separate your household’s waste into three parts:  the heaviest solids -the sludge- falls to the bottom, the “pure” liquid rises to the top, and a layer in the middle -called scum- makes up fatty and oily deposits.  If there is too much scum or sludge, and it’s too close to the drain pipes, that’s a sign it’s time to clean the tank.

3 – We check the baffle filter (if present)

Some septic tank designs use a filter to help prevent scum and sludge from making it out through the drain pipes.  If you have a filter, we clean it or replace it, depending on its level of wear.

4 – We pump out the waste

We use specialized pumping equipment, going to highly secure tank trucks rated for hazardous materials, to remove the waste from your tank.  This is the longest part of the process, and generally takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the tank.  We make sure none of it goes onto the ground or anywhere else it shouldn’t be!

5 – We inspect the tank physically

Once the tank is drained, we give it a good look-over to see if there’s any physical damage.  If there is, now is by far the best time to do repairs.  Otherwise, we close and re-bury the hatch, and you’re good to go for another 3-5 years!

Roto-Rooter High Desert Can Help

For professional septic tanks cleaning, contact Roto-Rooter High Desert and schedule an appointment.