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A certain amount of septic tank servicing is unavoidable for as long as you use the system; if nothing else, periodically the solid wastes have to be pumped out of the tank.However, this shouldn’t be necessary more often than every few years, and there are plenty of ways a homeowner can accidentally damage their septic system.You can always rely on the professional Roto Rooter septic service to handle any problems that due occur at your Hesperia home or property.

There is some common misconception about septic systems, so Roto Rooter High Desert wanted to address a few that might end up causing needless damage.

Roto Rooter Septic Service:  Don’t Believe These Myths!

Septic tank additives are NOT a good idea.

There are a number of products on the market that claim to help septic tanks “digest” materials more easily.  Almost universally, they either don’t work, or end up causing problems.  In worst cases, they can break up solid matter that should be left solid, and cause it to flow out into your lawn.

There are some commercial-grade products available, but you always should contact a Roto Rooter septic service expert to find out if you need them.

When it says “flushable” I can NOT always flush it.

Most products which claim to be flushable or “sewer-safe” are not safe for septic tanks!  Aside from toilet paper, you should flush nothing down a septic system besides what comes from your body.  Anything but the lightest of materials can clog it up, or cause overflow.

Flushing is NOT the only activity that affects septic tanks.

Many misunderstand how a septic tank works.  A septic tank is hooked into your main water system, and all wastewater flows into it, including water from showers or kitchen sinks; its important to be aware of what you’re putting down your drains at all times, because it all ends up in the septic system.

Remembering everything goes into your Hesperia septic tank is especially critical when dealing with garbage disposals.  In case you have one along with a septic system, it should be used sparingly.  Too much food going straight into the tank can cause major system imbalances or blockages.

When trouble does occur, Roto Rooter septic service experts at Roto Rooter High Desert are available on-call 24/7 and ready to fix your plumbing whenever a problem occurs.