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Why should you consider hiring a landscape company to install your septic system? The simple answer is, when you plant the right landscaping over your septic system, you get more than something beautiful to look at; you can actually promote drainage and prevent erosion. The only rule to keep in mind is that trees must be avoided because heavy tree roots can penetrate your system and create significant damage. Apart from that, a good landscaping company can actually help keep your septic system service running smoothly.

Landscaping Over A Septic System

A landscaping company can deal with a septic system by making sure anything planted near it has shallow roots to prevent the leaching tiles from getting clogged. Plants help your septic leaching system to function at its best because they remove moisture and nutrients from the soil while reducing erosion. Plants that work best for a leaching bed include shallow-rooted herbaceous ones that are drought tolerant, such as flowering perennials and annuals or turf grass. Trees and shrubs are riskier because woody roots can clog and damage pipes.

What To Look Out For

The important thing to remember is that soil must not be covered with concrete, plastic or asphalt. Your septic tank can also be poisoned by putting in drain cleaners, solvents or polishes, which can destroy important bacteria and contaminate groundwater.

A landscape company can make sure the exterior surroundings are pleasant and use the drain field to create a pretty garden that can improve the ambiance of any property. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you should not inspect your septic system regularly. Always spend some time keeping track of when the tanks need to be pumped because regular pumping boosts performance.

Putting grease, fats, fuels or oils into your system can adversely affect everything your landscape company has done and create blockages that may require expensive repairs at some point. Ensure no heavy equipment or vehicles are anywhere near your drain field, and always check with the health department before asking a landscape company to plant a garden or construct a pool near your septic system.

Septic System Services

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