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Of all the plumbing problems that can strike a Hesperia, CA, property few are worse than a broken sewer pipe.  Not only is there a high volume of water coming out, but that water is not safe at all.  A broken sewer line can render a property unusable until the pipe can be repaired, and all the mess cleaned up.

So, it’s no wonder that people facing this sort of plumbing disaster want it to be repaired quickly.  However, sewer pipe repair is a difficult job, and there are a lot of factors which can influence just how long it takes.

Understanding How Long It Could Take Hesperia, CA, Plumbers to Fix Your Sewer Pipe

There are numerous factors that determine just how difficult a sewer pipe repair job can be.  Some of the biggest are:

The size of the pipes.  Generally speaking, the larger a pipe is, the harder it is to work on.  The large pipes below businesses, for example, will usually take longer to repair than smaller residential sewer lines.  Likewise, the longer the stretch of broken pipe, the harder it is to fix.

Where the clog is.  Hopefully, the clog is located somewhere which is relatively easy to get to, such as digging straight down to it.  If the clog is below something which is hard to move (like a house) things get a lot more complicated.

Whether video inspection is needed.  Of course, even locating the break in the sewer pipe can sometimes be difficult, particularly if it’s a small leak.  Your Hesperia plumbers may have to first send video feeds down into the pipe to locate the break.

What’s causing the damage.  Some breaks or cracks are easier to repair than others.  For example, a hole caused by corrosion can often simply be patched up.  This is relatively easy.  On the other hand, if it’s a nearby tree’s roots breaking the pipe, the tree itself might have to be removed first!

Now, the good news is that sometimes the process can be sped up.  Advanced Hesperia plumbing experts can potentially use a technique called trenchless repair.  This allows them to fix a sewer line without having to dig it out, by pushing a new lining through the interior.  This can mean fixing the pipe in a day, rather than a week.

If you have a broken sewer pipe, don’t wait.  Contact Roto-Rooter to schedule for an appointment!