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How Septic Systems Work and How to Maintain Them in Victorville

What Are Septic Systems?

A Septic System is an effective, self-contained, underground waste treatment system. It is quite common in areas where there is no connection to sewer pipes. The systems are simple and are designed to treat household wastes on site using natural methods. They are less expensive and are provided by local governments or private companies.

How Septic Systems Work

Septic system comprises of a septic tank and a drain field. Septic tank is where the waste water is allowed to stay for some time to remove waste particles of different densities. The water then flows to the drain field where it is evenly distributed through sprinklers. Drain field is made of sand or gravel that is buried a few feet under the ground. It is where the waste water is treated and the process is very natural.

Septic Systems have many economical and geological advantages but just like any other plumbing system, it requires frequent maintenance. The signs of Septic System deterioration are overflowing toilets, stinky drains, poor nature of drain field soil and foul smelling drain field land.

How to Maintain Septic Systems

Septic systems need to be maintained in many ways. Septic pumping is done to clean the septic tank from sludge and scum. They also need general maintenance like detection of leaks. Septic fields do not require any maintenance but they should be protected from contact of any heavy objects.

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