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So, while no one wants a water pressure or plumbing issue in their home, not all plumbing problems require huge repairs. That’s why we wanted to list a few things that may be causing you to experience low water pressure in your Victorville house.

Potential Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your House (And How to Fix It)

  • Is It Happening to Only One Faucet?

The first thing to see is if this issue is occurring for all of your faucets or only a specific one? The good news is if it is happening to only one faucet it will be a relatively simple fix.

If you notice that your shower is acting up, try thoroughly cleaning the showerhead (get rid of those mineral deposits). If your kitchen faucet is giving you a hard time, it may be a simple swap of the aerator – sometimes even a good cleaning can solve the issue.

Now, if you notice your toilet is taking longer to fill, it may only be the fill valve, which can be replaced fairly easily. Always reach out to a professional plumber if you are unsure or need to replace or repair anything.

  • Leaks

Take a look and inspect if there is any wetness in and around your pipes. Often, a leaky pipe can be the culprit of low water pressure in a house. Also, take a look at your water meter to see if you notice a leak or water escaping. Never try to fix these issues yourself; get a licensed and insured plumber to take care of it.

  • A Water Pressure Test

While a water pressure test will not resolve your issue, running this test can help figure out if the low water pressure in your Victorville house is a plumbing issue, or if you are actually getting low pressure from your provider. Your pressure should be between about 45 psi to 55 psi. If your home is a newer build or you have relatively new pipes in it, it most likely is your water provider.

Also, you can always inquire with a neighbor to see if they have noticed a drop in their water pressure.

Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Victorville House with Roto-Rooter

If you are experiencing low water pressure, our team at Roto-Rooter can not only help, but we can also provide you with an estimate and answer any concerns you are having. Reach out to our team today for licensed and insured plumbing, drain, and septic services and repairs in Victorville.