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Having to call in professionals for septic system service is simply a fact of life when you have a septic tank in the Victorville, CA, area.  As long as it’s in use, you’ll need to have someone come clean it out every 3-5 years.  However, unless it’s under a very high usage load, you should be able to push that deadline out significantly just by treating your septic system right.

Septic tanks are finicky, by their nature.  They rely on a very precise balance of microbial biology in the tank, and overflow troughs outside it, to keep everything working right.  That means there’s a lot you can do to keep it running well, and things to avoid that can disturb that balance

Tricks for Minimizing Your Need for Septic System Service

1. Practice Good Water Conservation

This is a good idea in general, since water conservation saves you money, but it’s particularly useful for septic systems.  Less water sent down the drain means less strain on the septic tank.  Plus, you’ll pay lower monthly bills, as well as helping with the state’s ongoing water problems.

2. Avoid Septic Tank Additives

There are a lot of products on store shelves which claim to help re-balance your septic tank, but most of them do more harm than good.  If your tank truly needs additives to function correctly, that should be determined by a professional analyzing the contents of your tank.  Pouring in random chemicals is asking for trouble.

3. Use Softer or Natural Cleaning Products

Generally speaking, any sort of “harsh” cleaning product such as bleach, acidic drain decloggers, or other heavy chemicals, will be bad for a septic tank.  They kill off the microbes which are necessary for the tank to work properly.  Whenever possible, use softer or natural cleaners instead.  Otherwise, block off the drain to prevent them from entering your septic tank, then dispose of them outdoors.

4. Go Easy on Your Garbage Disposal

This is particularly good advice with all the food-focused celebrations at the end of the year.  Minimize how much food goes down the drain, and particularly avoid sending fats or grease through the garbage disposal.  Undigested food is much more difficult for the septic tank to break down than human waste and, again, can disturb the ecosystem.

When the Time Comes, Call on the Pros for Septic System Service

Roto-Rooter High Desert is the Victorville area’s top choice in safe, experienced septic system service.  Our professionals will guarantee the job is done right, and with minimal disruption to your lawn and your daily routine.

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