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Before you call in for drain cleaning services, here is a guide from our Roto-Rooter plumbers for safely unblocking that clogged toilet in your home.

Where is the clog?

There are generally two possibilities that are causing a clogged toilet. The first is a clog in the S-bend or within the pipes that are connected to the toilet drain opening. The second possibility is that there is a clog in the main sewer line. One way to potentially tell if it is a sewer line blockage is if all of your home’s drains are slow, or if there you notice a foul smell from multiple drains or sinks in your home.

For this guide, we will assume it is the first scenario, but you can always call our Roto-Rooter team for professional plumbing, septic, sewage, and drain cleaning services and solutions!

Unclogging with a Plunger

While not always the case, a plunger can usually unclog a blocked toilet. The reason being is that most clogs are caused by toilet paper, tissues, wipes, etc., that get caught in the S-bend of your toilet. In the event your toilet is almost overflowing with water, use a bucket to try to remove as much water as you can. Remember, you need some water in your toilet to assist with the suction during plugging.

Be sure to cover your toilet’s drain hole with the plugger, and firmly and evenly push both up and down. If you are experiencing a pretty big clog, you may need to repeat this step until the clog has drained – for lighter clogs, one or two pushes can often be enough. Once you hear a gurgle and a suction type sound, and see the water draining, this indicates the clog has passed. It is important to never flush before this has since you will be adding additional water to the clog.

Unclogging Without a Plunger

If you don’t have a plunger on hand (be sure to buy one!) there are a few things in your home that can work. If you have a string mop you can try to use that. Also, you can attempt to use a toilet brush with a plastic bag around the end of it. Follow the same process and steps you would if you had a plunger.

Another thing you can try is to use a coat hanger with a mop or rag attached to the end of it and follow the same steps.

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