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If you’ve ever experienced a clogged kitchen drain, you know how frustrating it can be when your sink is out of commission. Fortunately, most kitchen sink clogs can be remedied using simple household tools and minimal plumbing knowledge.

Before calling a local plumber to fix your clogged kitchen sink, try one of the five following simple techniques explained by our experienced team at Victorville’s Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service.

5 DIY Tips to Fix Your Clogged Kitchen Sink

1. Plunge or vacuum the drain

Most homeowners have a plunger, making it one of the most obvious solutions to a clogged kitchen sink. If there is not much built-up residue in your drain, a plunger may be enough to pull the blockage out. However, if your plunger is not powerful enough to draw the debris out of your drain, a wet vacuum will provide additional force.

2. Use a store-bought or DIY plumbing snake

If plunging or vacuuming your kitchen sink does not provide enough suction, you may need to break down the clog using a plumbing snake. If you do not have a store-bought plumbing snake or auger laying around your house, you should be able to make your own metal snake using a coat hanger.

3. Break down the debris with hot water

Depending on what exactly is clogging your kitchen sink, you may be able to melt down some of the debris by running boiling water over it. This method is often effective for kitchen sinks due to the various types of food and frozen beverages that people often pour down the drain.

4. Clean your drain using simple ingredients

When you call a plumber to conduct regular maintenance on your drain pipes, they will normally use industrial level cleaning solutions to dissolve or loosen any stuck-on particles. However, this is not always necessary and homeowners can often get the same results using a simple baking soda-based cleaning solution.

5. Check connecting hoses

When water begins to fill up in your kitchen sink, one of the surrounding appliances may be the culprit. Your dishwasher and garbage disposal operate in the same way as your kitchen sink, which is why we recommend inspecting the connected hoses to pinpoint where exactly the problem is coming from.

Have you tried unclogging your kitchen sink with no success? Our Victorville team is available 24/7 to address all of your clogged kitchen sink problems. Contact us today to book an appointment.