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A properly functioning septic system cannot be underestimated, considering it’s where everything that goes down our drains eventually ends up. There are a number of reasons — from infrequent pumping to clogged pipes — why septic tanks can malfunction, leading to cleaning and repairs that be expensive. These costs can be avoided with a little bit of care though. Here’s what the experts at Roto-Rooter High Desert ask that you keep in mind when it comes to septic tank cleaning.

Common Septic Tank Cleaning Mistakes

The first mistake most people make is related to the number of times they get their septic tanks cleaned. When a contractor offers advice about the frequency of cleaning, it should be given only after taking into account a tank’s capacity, age, level of usage and size. Without this information, everything is mere conjecture. It is always better to pump a septic tank before and after heavy use, although this may be a costly option. Speaking to a professional at times like these is important.

Another mistake is assuming that additives and chemicals will extend the life of a septic system. Some people also believe, on account of misinformation, that some septic systems never need cleaning or pumping. This is wrong because all septic tanks need periodic maintenance.

How To Save On Cleaning Costs

A septic tank may be old, but doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced if you adopt a few practices to extend its life a little. Conserving water is a great start because it puts less pressure on a septic tank. Avoiding heavy use of many plumbing fixtures simultaneously is also a good idea, as is not flushing unnecessary food waste or toilet tissue. Equipment should never be driven over the drain field, and reducing the graywater load on a septic drain field can also extend its life.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Roto-Rooter High Desert offers residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning services from sewers and drains to water heaters, septic tanks, seepage pits and leach lines. Get in touch with our team of experts for advice or a free estimate.