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Roto Rooter commercial plumbing in Hesperia, CA, isn’t just for solving problems – we can help you prevent them as well!  The faucets inside your restrooms and other facilities are the sort of thing that are easy to take for granted, but as time passes, they can start getting increasingly problematic. In fact, if your faucets are old enough, you could see significant savings by installing newer fixtures.

At Roto-Rooter High Desert in Hesperia, CA, we know the tricks of commercial plumbing better than anyone, and we’ve seen plenty of cases of businesses seeing significant return on a simple batch of faucets.  This is especially true if…

1. There’s restricted water flow.

The longer faucets have been installed and in-use, the more buildup they’re going to have on the pipes within the faucet and on the filter over the nozzle.  While it’s sometimes possible to clean it from the inside, the construction of faucets generally makes this difficult to do well. Often it’s easier just to get new ones.

2. Leaky valves.

Modern commercial plumbing fixtures use fire-hardened ceramic discs to control the flow of water, which are far superior to the old rubber or plastic o-rings that used to be used.  In the event you’re getting constant leaks due to older fixtures, and upgrade to ceramic can help prevent the needless waste of faucet leaks.

3. You’re still using unrestricted faucets.

Modern WaterSense lavatory faucets restrict the flow of water, and can create significant long-term water savings – often 20% or more.  Roto Rooter commercial plumbing services heartily encourage water savings, and now look to install WaterSense and other “low-flow” faucets whenever possible.  These faucets are no more expensive than normal faucets, but can create large savings.

4 – You’re pushing for eco-friendliness.

Customers hear all the time about companies claiming to “go green” without actually doing anything.  Swapping out your faucets for newer, more secure, low-flow models is a great talking point that’s far less expensive than many of the upgrades a “green” building might need to undergo.  They can be especially useful if you’re looking to meet stricter building codes and get officially certified as a green office.

5 – You want to reduce office illnesses.

While it’s no secret that bathrooms are hard to keep truly sanitary, and they can easily become a breeding ground for productivity- and morale-sapping diseases.  Newer faucets combat this by using copper for their touch surfaces.  Copper is a natural disinfectant, and helps ensure your bathroom doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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