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Your septic tank isn’t just a tank holding a bunch of waste materials.  It’s actually a carefully-balanced ecosystem, blending technology and nature to efficiently dispose of your waste while retaining that which can’t be naturally recycled.  This is what allows a property to go 3-5 years in between septic system service calls, at least in theory.

However, there are also plenty of things a household can do which could damage their septic system.  Avoiding them is key to ensuring you only have to pay for septic system service as infrequently as possible.

Four Important Things to Know About Protecting Your Septic System

1 – Avoid using harsh chemicals

One of the worst things a household can do to their septic tank is to send a lot of bleach, acids, and other harsh cleaning agents down the drain.  These can and will kill off the microbial life that your septic tank needs to operate properly!  Whenever possible, stick to natural cleaning methods and avoid harsh chemicals, to protect your tank’s ecosystem from disruption.

2 – Never flush any foreign objects

This is something a lot of newcomers to life with a septic tank don’t realize: just because something is safe to flush into a sewer system does not mean it’s safe for septic tanks!  Septic tanks are much easier to clog, and foreign objects are another thing which can harm its ecosystem.

Simply put, nothing should go into your septic system except toilet paper, and that which comes out of your body.

3 – Your kitchen is part of your septic system too!

Another common mistake is forgetting that every drain in a house connects to the septic tank, not just those in the bathrooms.  Anything you send down your kitchen sink is also ending up in your septic tank.  So, avoid sending any food or fats down the drain whenever possible, and scrape off plates into the trash rather than using a garbage disposal.

4 – Less water use is good for your tank

Living in the desert, you have plenty of reasons to reduce water usage – like keeping your water bills low.  However, smart water usage is also good for your tank.  Less water used puts less strain on your septic system.  It’s really that simple.

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