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Your septic tank system is a vital piece of property infrastructure that supports the effective use of the building for residents and guests. It’s critical the system is performing at peak capacity around the clock. To reach this performance level and prevent issues, you’ll require professional pumping for your septic system in Hesperia. In this post, our Roto-Rooter High Desert team explains a little more about the septic system and the benefits of pumping.

What are the components of the septic system?

To ensure you gain full use of your septic system, it’s important you know about the individual components that comprise the unit. The septic system includes the following elements:

  • The pipe leading the waste away from the house
  • The septic tank, in which the waste is separated into solids at the bottom and grease and oil at the top, with water in the middle.
  • A distribution box that directs the wastewater from the septic tank and directs it to perforated pipes.
  • A soil surface area usually called a drain field, which filters the waste.

What are the benefits of septic system pumping in my Hesperia home?

Your septic system must be maintained professionally to keep the components in working condition. Below are a few of the benefits of regularly completing septic system pumping in the Hesperia home.

Protects the property

One of the main benefits of septic system pumping is that it protects your property. The system is designed to minimize drainage issues and to ensure that waste is removed effectively. Pumping helps ensure the waste is removed regularly from the property.

Reduce odor

Pumping also removes all the leftover remnants within the system to ensure a clean, high functioning septic tank. This reduces the odor in the area.

Prevents clogging

Septic system clogging can be a common issue for those who don’t have their system pumped on a regular basis. A clog may cause sewage do rise through the drains in the home. Simply having the system pumped can mitigate this problem.

Our team at Roto-Rooter High Desert can help you to pump your system and ensure optimal performance for the years to come. Call today to book your professional pumping service.