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If you’re in need of commercial plumbing services in Hesperia, CA, who are you going to allow to do you work?  Some little local shop that might not even understand all the local codes, or America’s most-trusted plumbing company for over eighty years?

Roto-Rooter High Desert isn’t just any plumbing shop.  We adhere to the high standards which have been set by the Roto-Rooter brand, and maintained since the 1930s.  We have the best and latest in plumbing technologies at our disposal, backed up by highly-trained and rigorously professional workers who are dedicated to ensuring your commercial plumbing problems are taken care of quickly, affordably, and with a minimum of disruption to your business.

No matter your needs, big or small, we can handle them.  This includes:

Basic Plumbing Repair:  Even something as simple as a leaky pipe is a major concern when operating a business.  Besides looking bad to customers\clients, it can create health hazards or even risk contamination of your products.  When it comes to basic leaks and clogs, no job is too small for Roto-Rooter High Desert to do it right.

Fixture Installation:  No other plumber in the High Desert area has as much experience as we do at installing commercial plumbing fixtures.  Whether you need a single sink or toilet replaced, or you’re outfitting an entire building, we have the tools and skills needed to get it done and fully up-to-code.  We’re also happy to discuss your options in fixtures, including energy- and water-saving models.

High-Pressure Jetting:  Much of the time, it’s simply not convenient to access all the pipes within a building – especially if walls or floors would have to be damaged in the process.  That’s why Roto-Rooter High Desert utilizes high-pressure water jetting systems.  These allow us to clean your pipes from the inside out, clearing clogs as well as cleansing the interior walls to prevent clogs in the process of forming.

Sewer or Septic Maintenance:  No matter how wastewater is handled at your facility, we have the tools and techniques to see it maintained properly.  We can operate on sewer lines with minimal digging in many cases, as well as having all the equipment such as tanker trucks needed for septic tank pumping and disposal.

Convenient Scheduling Available!

You don’t have the luxury of having your business disrupted for a day due to plumbing problems, so we’ll work around your schedule.  Roto-Rooter High Desert is available around-the-clock, all days of the year, to ensure every plumbing job is done with a minimum of hassle.

So the next time you have a Hesperia, CA, commercial plumbing problem, get the best with Roto-Rooter High Desert.